Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The scarf

I made a pair of socks using Koigu last year and I have ~1/2 to 3/4 a skein left over. My best friend loved the yarn, it was a gorgeous palette of blues. Right then and there I decided to knit her little scarf. Lynda likes short scarves that just hang around your neck, accessories if you will. I knew exactly what pattern I was going to use. It would be the perfect Christmas present.

Well then Lynda and I went to the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs. Lynda is not a knitter, she's a lampwork artist and she is great with color. She came along for a fun day out, I don't think she expected to be bitten by the fiber bug, but she fell in love with a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk. (She does have good taste.) Her mom is a knitter and she wistfully said, "Do you think my mom would knit me a scarf with this as my Christmas Present?" She kept playing with the skein, so I said, "I don't know, but I will". So I did and my Koigu scarf was not to be.

I've been in a knitting frenzy lately and the thought of the Koigu scarf would not leave me alone. I knew it had to be Lynda's so...Mother's Day it was.

The pattern is from "my yarn chick" at littleturtleknits.com It is an unpublished pattern called Twin Leaves that I test knitted for her. It is a lovely little lace pattern that I've made a few times now. Below is a close up of the leafy pattern. I love this pattern, T you really should sell it. And oh yeah, Lynda loved the scarf :)


Theresa said...

ohh, melissa! That's a georgeous scarf! love the yarn! (and I really will publish it soon, I promise, LOL!)

Suzy said...

Wow!! Your things are amazing.