Monday, July 16, 2007

Sock Crisis Averted

I got new steel toed work shoes that I am required to wear at work. I knew they would be hard on my hand knit socks and I wanted to experiment with which sock yarn would work best with them.

The first day I wore my work shoes I happened to wear my Yarn Love Limeade and Violet socks to work. Now these are made from 100% worsted weight superwash wool, I just happened to make socks from it. I threw caution to the wind and decided to wear them in my work shoes...BIG MISTAKE...1 hour later I had a huge hole in one of my heels...1 hour!!! I gasped as I took off my work shoes, my coworkers, well they tried to be sympathetic.

Fortunately it was knit night that night. I ran home and got my leftover yarn and the knitting gurus helped me fix my sock! It's not as pretty as it used to be, but it is so functional and it has been saved!!! Thanks Kimber of Kimber Baldwin Designs!

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Inca said...

OUCH that must have hurt :( Guess to wear handknit socks to work I would choose some commercial yarn - OPAL or sorts - and then just plain basic knit socks that I hadnt put a lot of time into choosing and working a complicated pattern. Maybe even go down to 2 mm needles to get them real tight. But sounds like those shoes are seriously rough on socks so not sure I would wear handknits in them at all..