Thursday, November 09, 2006

Everyday Cardigan by Peace Fleece

I started this in April and finished it last month (right before Halloween). To be fair I really didn't work on it too much during the summer, who wants to knit with Wool/Mohair yarn in the hot humid summer? Well not me :)

I love love love this sweater! I jused about 5 skeins of Peace Fleece Father's Gray. It is gray with flecks of green, so full of depth, this pic really doesn't do it justice!

I would definitely make this sweater again (and I probably will after the Holidays), but I hated weaving in all 20,000 ends (a slight exageration). I did learn that I love seaming (who knew).

Tommorow the knitted gift saga! It will involve a lengthy discussion on fairness in gift giving between moms, step moms and mother in laws...

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Theresa said...

it's beautiful! I love that father's grey, the little flecks of green are so unexpected :)

So, I guess i have to go find something to blog about now, huh? Maybe the new felted goodies that are drying on the kitchen counter - will have to wait till morning so I can get some decent pics :)