Monday, November 20, 2006

So, how many people are making knitted gifts this year? I decided this summer to make my mom, step mother, and Mother in law shawls. I picked their favorite colors and dyed the yarn myself and started. My goal was to be finished by December (HA). I wanted to pick different patterns for each of them (similar but different and still equal is my gift giving goal for those 3). I wanted one triangle, one rectangle and one farose shawl, similar but different.

Mom's is the leaf shawl by Evelyn Clark, a triangle shawl, knitted in an orange/brown/tan yarn that I handpainted. I used Henry's Attic Kona and it is so perfect for Mom. Okay, I finished it in August. Great I thought! I have months...

Fast forward to now. I am finishing my Step Mothers shawl tonight (I need to bind off). Her's is the Flowerbasket shawl by Evelyn Clark...another triangle shawl. Yeah I tried to make it a rectangle shawl and quickly realized that I was going to run out of yarn, so another triangle shawl. Her is turquoise, green and browns, her fav colors.

So that leave my dear MIL. I will hopefully dye her yarn this week and I am going to make a farose type shawl from INKnitters, definitely less lacy, but I hope she won't mind. Hers will be browns.

I will try to post pics of them soon because I am very proud of my dyeing :)

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