Sunday, January 14, 2007

Knitting Goals for 2007

There are a lot of stash games and UFO games going on right now and while I think they are a good idea I don't know if they are exactly for me. I am definitely participating in the one at WW ( , but the knit from your stash for an entire year (or even 9 months) is just too long.

  1. I want to knit more this year!
  2. I want to buy yarn with projects in mind and FOLLOW THROUGH with those projects.
  3. Knit for fun, not as an obligation (this fresh from a knit gift giving frenzy)
  4. Knit something for my kids. I don't remember the last things I knit for them. They are only going to be small and easy to knit for for a little while! :)
  5. I also want to learn to take better pictures of my knitting, I take lots of pics of FO's but they are terrible (see below)!
Here is a picture of a beautiful mobieus scarf I made for my friend Channon. boy this picture does not do it justice.

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